VITAL totally FREE

VITAL totally FREE

After a remarkable and energetic work for almost five years, Vital is presented as the new VST that functions as a powerful wavetable synthesizer of changing waves. After the great success achieved by VST’s like SERUM, wavetables seem to be very fashionable these days.

The functions that it has as wavetable, allows you to edit the harmonics of the waveform: So you can transform them to your liking making all kinds of sounds.



Developer Matt Tytel tells us that this time around he is releasing a totally different synthesizer with low noise oscillators without their frequencies mixing together, plus the modulation process comes with a simple and straightforward 'drag and drop' process.

At first, the proposal that was made of this synthesizer was not very attractive (although in the end it was a success), adding that the basic version of VITAL is completely free. This version includes 75 presets and 25 wavetables, while the paid version goes up to 250 presets and 70 wavetables in PLUS, or 400 programs and 150 wavetables in PRO.

We want to remind you that this VST, VST3 / AU / LV2 is executable on Windows 10, mac OS 10.12 and Linux 18.04 (or higher).

It is incredible how good this synthesizer is, and thanks to its developer for being able to offer it for free with payment options.

Here we leave words of its developer and thus understand it in a better way:

''Vital is a wavetable synthesizer with spectral deformation. Discover how the deformation on the harmonic composition of a wave table is able to create a completely new set of sounds. Stretch, shift, blur, and skew harmonics up, down, and around the spectrum to explore new timbres and create sounds you didn't think were possible with wavetables. ''

''See how it all works while you play on this visual synth. Vital offers animated graphic displays when you need them. And everything moves in real time so you can see what's happening behind the scenes. Design sounds quickly with an optimized 'drag and drop' modulation approach. The preview gives you an idea of ​​how things will sound before dropping the connection. And with this, you can try to modulate different destinations by dragging across the screen ''.

''Discover new design techniques using Vital's unique features, such as stereo modulation. This stereo mode splits an LFO to delay left channel modulation from right channel, or print slight stereo time differences to an envelope to create wider stereo effects. ''

Matt tytel

The free version of Vital is great if we start to see everything it brings in addition to the sound it has. That is why we invite you to download it at the link below, and in case you find it interesting (which it will surely be), consider some of the payment options to support Matt Tytel.


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