How to make R2D2 sounds with your modular system

How to make R2D2 sounds with your modular system

Hello, how are you? friends, once again here talking about simple connections that you can make in your modular system.

Today we will talk about an effect very similar to that of the R2D2 robot from the STAR WARS movie (you surely remember it XD), a fun sound that can help us in our production, and starting from it you can achieve many fun variations.


We will need:

1 VCO (2 if we want to use the S&H trigger with the VCO)
1 Sample and Hold
1 Filter


With these 5 modules we can easily achieve this effect:

1- To begin we are going to connect from your VCO, any of the waveforms from '' output ''  to the '' input '' of the filter, and from the filter'' output '' (LP, low pass), to the '' audio input '' of your VCA (audio input)
2- From the VCA output (Output), to the monitors (Audio out)
3- In this step, as sample and hold we are going to use the KINKS module from Mutable Instruments, and to make this effect we have two options, connect the trigger (input) of the KINKS, to any square waveform of some other VCO (output), or, to the '' output '' square (output) of the LFO, and in this way moving either the coarse of the VCO or the RATE of the LFO we will have the desired effect.

In this way we will easily achieve this effect, and from there you can make many variations that will be useful to you.

I hope you find the information useful, see you soon!

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