How loud music affects your ear

How loud music affects your ear

In this article we will expose how dangerous it can be to listen to music at very high volumes either in your studio, home, clubs, raves, concerts or even in the same headphones. And the big problem that can cause is that having an exposure continues, with an excessive level of sound, can cause us hearing loss forever.

This is known as Acoustic Trauma, and otolaryngologists report that this condition can occur from one moment to another, as a result of exposure to high intensity sound, such as firecrackers, or stand in front of the speakers of a party for a long period of time ... all this caused by very intense short-lived shock waves, which generate these types of sounds and that can cause this trauma.

Do you remember the feeling coming out of a concert, rave or club, in which it seems that you are still listening to the music?, or that you do not listen well? Hearing loss can be temporary and most of the time it improves after a few hours or days ... but it will not always be that way, since many times the total hearing capacity is not recovered.

This phenomenon mentioned above is known as '' Temporary auditory threshold shift'', ''Permanent threshold shift'' or ''PTS''. In these situations, all the hair cells in the inner ear can suffer irreparable damage and, consequently, this problem will only be remedied by external hearing aids.

So if you are one of those DJs who play with the levels in red all the time (sarcasm hehe), or you like the party a lot, we advise you to take care of your listening habits, since it can be easily fixed with some earplugs ears, either to be enjoying the party or for a live session if you are a musician.

So take care of the ears!

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