Nano Modules, arriving to stay

Nano Modules, arriving to stay

What's up modular addicts?

Today we have been interviewing a team located in Valencia, Spain, who for some time here have been surprising us with their products, with very good quality making its way into the modular world.

Today we will ask some questions to Jorge Gutierrez, the brain behind NANO Modules, to know about his projects, ideas, and about this modular journey that they have decided to undertake.

Tell us Jorge, how was NANO Modules born?

NANO was born from the concerns I had when studying industrial electronic engineering, since that I realized that my two passions were united: electronics and music.
Seeing that with knowledge of electronics I could do interesting things for music, I launched to learn about the operation of circuits and designs used in the production of sound.

Then I started doing projects that I found online, as very synthesizers basic and I could ride with the materials that were within my reach. From 2nd career I was working on these sound devices, since I liked to spend so much time looking for information, such as assembling and solving problems.

In 3rd grade I did an internship in a StartUp (A newly created company that markets products and / or services through the intensive use of technologies) and I learned to make circuit designs by myself. Being in a new business environment born, I saw that I really liked the way they worked, and that although starting a Project requires a lot of effort, it was something I could do for myself.

When I finished the internship already in 4th degree, I focused on doing the End of Work Grade. I contacted a very good teacher and we shaped what we could do: we decided to make a basic system of subtractive synthesis, or put another way, a few Modules: VCO, VCF, VCA, ENV and LFO.

We finished the job very satisfied with the result. With the race finished, having done a market study and eager to bring something new to this world, I launched my own company, which is today NANO.

Is there any concept in the names of the products you have been taking out?

We have always considered each module as a product with its own personality, so we have tried to rely on representative concepts of each module.
All names are words written in Valencian, as a tribute to the language he speaks in our region. Each name is related to the functionality or sound of the module.

For example, MAR (which is said the same in Spanish) is called that because we compare the fact that the audio channels are mixed in the mixer with the rivers that flow and mix at sea. FONT means “source” in Spanish and we have called it that because it is a filter in the one that the resonance gives a very liquid and aqueous sound. ALT, which means "high," does reference to its amplifier functionality, since what a VCA does is vary the level of a signal and we wanted to relate it to a concept that transmits change and growth.

How is NANO Modules different from the rest of the competition?

The clearest difference with respect to our competitors is mainly given by our interest in creating products with an intuitive, practical, functional design and with a careful aesthetics, adapted to current times.

Before entering the Eurorack market we saw that not everyone strives to get a professional brand image or consistent with your products and we think that we could make a difference by giving great weight to the design as an added value.

To this careful design is added the incorporation of functionalities that make our products are unique and very representative.

We have seen that little by little they have been taking out more and more modules, and we would like know if there are more future projects?

Of course, we just started and break through in this market is hard, since there are a lot of competition and level. For this first year of life we have proposed to take out modules that fulfill basic functionalities of subtractive synthesis.

To what we already have in the market, new modules will be added to complete this line of subtractive synthesis. We have ideas designed for the future, and we will be doing things with our personal touch after this series.

Therefore the future is to continue with slightly more specific modules, both analog as digital, and highlighting a careful design with adequate price.

Modules launched so far:







Until next time and do not lose sight of this great brand that comes with lots of projects!

Cheers 3:D

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