How is a modular system formed?

How is a modular system formed?

Hi addicted to modular,

Today I come to talk about a topic that when you are entering this world of modular, it is somewhat confusing, and it is about how a modular system is formed, how it works and what are the parts that make it up.

When I started in this world, I was wondering how you could know the measurements of the modules so that they all stayed exactly, I also wondered how they could connect together and many questions that came to my head.

And later investigate that '' Eurorack '' is usually known as the standard measure that allows compatibility between modules of different manufacturers, both in sizes and technical and electronic specifications, giving a rather interesting result with the mixture of modules of different brands and DIY modules (meaning '' Do it yourself '') where people build their own modules and cases.

I explain a little about how a modular system is formed, so you can give yourself an idea if you want to build your own or know how it works.

Elements of a modular system:


The modules must be kept together by means of some '' structure, rack, case, etc. ''. This structure or '' case '' as it is commonly called, provides several benefits that would be to keep all the modules together, connected to a power supply and to some type of bus that facilitates the connections between them.

To keep the modules together, you need rails, which is a very important part of the structure, since with screws you can keep all your modules fixed in order to make the connections comfortably.

Rail sizes:

Eurorack rails are measured by their length in HP, with 1 HP of 1/5 inch or 5.08 mm.  

The Eurorack space standard between 2 rails is the distance of 3U, which is equivalent to 5.25 "or 133.35mm.

The lengths of the rails may vary, and there is no established standard for this.

60HP   -    304.8mm

84HP   -    426.72mm

104HP  -    528.32mm

110CV  -   558.8mm

126HP  -   640.08mm

168CV  -   853.44mm

Note: If you are building your own case, we recommend that you first purchase the '' Eurorack '' rails, making sure they fit snugly between the sides of the case and then set the position of the final fix.

2-Power supply:

It is essential to have a power supply as it will be the life of your modular system, being connected to the electrical network (220V) producing voltages (normally +/- 12V or +/- 18V, accompanied lately by + 5V) they need the modules to work.

In Blasting Modular we have all the power supply kit of the brand Modular Synth Lab, which offers you an economical solution of energy source, to power up to 20 modules!



To avoid the problem of having to connect each module to the power supply, there are circuit boards that replicate in several connection points, making it possible to connect your modules conveniently in different points, without having to do it directly in the main source .

Soon we will have Buses for sale, which will be sold individually, of brands as well as Modular Synth lab and nano modules.

4-Connection cables:

The connection cables, whose main function is to carry the signal of your modules, forming patches and expanding your sound possibilities. It would not be the same without a good assortment of cables, and in Blasting Modular we show you different sizes and colors so you can get the patches you want!



Each of the modules replicates to the connector that is on the bus and so, as we are assembling them, we can connect them to receive the power that is required.  

We show you a link so you can see the great variety we have!




Now that you have an idea of ​​how a modular system works, you can already decide if you start this adventure that besides becoming a powerful weapon for your tracks or themes, it will become a "hobby" that will make you immerse yourself in a whole world modular synthesis that you do not want to leave.  

Until next time!



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