Science says: music is good for your health

Science says: music is good for your health

Once again, science confirms that music is life: not only can it soften our days, relieve stress or accompany moments of pleasant relaxation, but it can be good for the heart and also for the brain.

  1. It helps you sleep

Music has an extraordinary power: it is an incredible instrument of relaxation. Work, school and responsibilities can involve amounts of stress, anxiety and worries, and all that s** can often significantly affect your hours of rest, leading to insomnia problems and preventing a full recovery of our bodies.

In recent studies, it has been discovered that music, especially classical music, is an optimal solution for curing insomnia. In addition, it offers entertainment and distraction alleviating stress and overwhelm.

  1. It relieves pain

According to a series of research studies conducted throughout the world, it has been shown that music significantly reduces pain in people suffering from acute and chronic conditions: it is especially useful to reduce the pain that affects elderly people and those who suffer terminal pathologies.

Its use in pain therapies is also very noticeable: those who experience the agonizing pain of cancer are reassured by the music, since it serves as a soothing agent and distracts them so that the pain disappears from their mind, although only temporarily. Music has also proven to be very effective in the treatment of migraines, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and helps people who experience painful thoughts and emotions, moving away thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

  1. It improves cognitive performance

Listening to music is an excellent way to improve cognitive performance when working on intensive tasks. In one study, it was observed that the background music reproduced while some students took a school exam lead the majority to finish the exam more quickly and produced more correct answers.

Plus, the idea of a close correlation between music and language has a solid neurobiological basis, since there is a partial overlap between the neural circuits dedicated to the two types of information. In addition, exercise with musical instruments is associated with a high level of cerebral plasticity.

  1. It improves the function of blood vessels

Some studies have shown that patients with heart problems exposed to pleasant melody can improve their general health: the music is able to widen the arteries and decrease blood pressure and heart rate, while reducing their levels of anxiety. Scientists have discovered that the emotions that people experience when they hear a type of music they enjoy can have a very healthy effect on the function of blood vessels, increasing the flow throughout the body, revitalizing cells and releasing endorphins.

  1. Help to lose weight

The Journal of Exercise Physiology has conducted a study that showed that people who exercise by listening to fast music have a higher heart rate, a higher body temperature and increased breathing (which equals more calories burned), respect for those who listen to more relaxed music. Music also has the ability to release endorphins: these "wellness" hormones significantly reduce appetite and mobilize energy reserves, for example, burning fat.

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