Music production software: which one do you prefer?

Music production software: which one do you prefer?

Software is the medium through which you can express your ideas. A workstation is basically a blank sheet of paper: what you need is to create some sounds and contribute your talent and, above all, your creativity. A DAW is a computer program designed to edit, record, mix and master audio files: you can record various instruments, MIDI controllers and voices, place tracks, rearrange, cut, paste, add effects and finally end the song to let everyone hear it.

The basic concept is that, with any digital audio work station, it is possible to produce several types of sounds, but there are more appropriate environments than for others.

These are the main music production software, the most used by producers around the world. And you, which one do you prefer?

  • Logic Pro

Logic was exceptional software. Unfortunately, we have to say that Apple turned it into a consumer program, a kind of evolution of Garage Band, instead of deepening its professional use. A complete program, used by many producers, especially in the creation and arrangement phase, equipped very well from the point of view of basic complements as well as sounds and loops.

  • Cubase

The Steinberg program has been used for many years for various types of production. However, more intuitive than Logic, it presents in the basic version non-exceptional complements for the treatment of sounds. It is advisable to install additional plug-ins, especially compressors and equalizers, in order to get a good sound.

  • Ableton

This is the true novelty of recent years in the field of Production Software. Exceptional program for its dynamism and speed of use, it is impeccable to regulate time and intervene quickly in bpm, but it remains slightly behind in the sound, compared with other programs in the market.
Although it is possible to make the full track to the mastering directly in Ableton, many use it to create the arrangement and then mix it with the help of another program.

  • Pro Tools

Undoubtedly, Pro Tools is the best software for basic sound representation of others. On the other hand, it sins in its speed and is not very intuitive. It is a very solid program, the most used to mix, but it is not possible to finish the whole track with it.
It has its own format so it is the plugin (rtas instead of the most common vst) and even version 9 could only be used through its specific hardware. Now, however, after the acquisition of Avid, the compatibility is greater both from the hardware and software standpoints.

  • Fruity Loops

Last, but not least. FL is creating a lot of supporters of music production. A very intuitive software, easy to use, with an attractive graphic interface. Some consider it little more than a toy, but in reality it is used by many producers because of its simplicity and speed of execution.

And you, whom one do you prefer? Tell us in the comments!

Posted on 2018-12-17 by Lavinia BLASTING TIPS 365

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