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  • Step Fader
    Step Fader

    Step fader is made up of two sequencers designed to facilitate...

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  • Radioactive

    Analog digital oscillator with 14-bit offset modulation

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  • Eurorack panels
    Eurorack panels

    Blank panels help keep your Eurorack System clean and well organized.

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There are times that you will surely need to send a signal to more than one place, and for this there are multiples, which will be very useful to route your signals, finding 2 types, passive and buffered.

PASSIVES: Basically a group of connections connected to each other without circuits between them. Connect your signal to one of the shots and take copies of the other shots.

BUFFERED: Copy the voltage from an input connector to an output connector. Since there are circuits between the input and the output that consume energy, sometimes they are called "active" multiples. Thanks to this, what is happening at the exit does not affect what is happening at the entrance, and consequently, the other copies of the entrance are also left alone.

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    Out of stock
    2 hp Mult is a signal splitter with 2 inputs and 6 outputs that allows the user to divide an input signal in six ways.
  • 29,00 € Shipping 6-12 days
    Multiplier that can be used as: Divider from 1 to 6 individual channels, 2 channels from 1 to 4 and 1 to 2 dividers, 3 channels with all divisors from 2 to 1
  • 78,00 € 1 Shipping in 24 hours
    Mute 4HP with circularly standardized inputs.It contains LEDS that indicate the channels that emit the signal, and thus avoid confusion about which one is on or not.
  • 95,00 € 1 Shipping in 24 hours
    Ears is the Mutable Instruments version of the Mikrophonie module: a contact microphone and amplifier.Organic and physical sounds can be created by scratching, touching and collecting any type of sound waves, including speaker feedback.

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