The modules for Eurorack are usually known as the standard modules that allow compatibility between modules of different manufacturers, both in sizes and in technical and electronic specifications, giving an interesting result with the mixture of modules of different brands and DIY modules (meaning ''Do it yourself '') where people build their own modules.

The modules for Eurorack are widely known and make the difference with their competition thanks to the use of 3.5 mm mono connectors to patch the signals, and the lack of visual aesthetics or a defined sound. The modules for Eurorack have great popularity among manufacturers and musicians.

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    Multiplier that can be used as: Divider from 1 to 6 individual channels, 2 channels from 1 to 4 and 1 to 2 dividers, 3 channels with all divisors from 2 to 1
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    Veils provide four VCA with an adjustable response curve. The Veils outputs are connected in a chain, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3 or 4 channels to mix with each other.
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    Kinks has 3 sections of analog signal processing to punish your audio and CV signals.
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    The VCO 2hp voltage controlled oscillator is an analog VCO modular synthesizer based on the fantastic Curtis CEM3340 IC.
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    Analog sample and Hold that is maintained with two independent channels. Ideal for generating random voltages from white noise, sawtooth wave arpeggios, and low-resolution sampling audio signals.
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    The ADSR module for Eurorack is a four-stage linear enclosure, excellent for modulating filters, VACs and oscillators.
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    Bin Seq is a sequencer for Eurorack eight-step switchable door.
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    2hp Delay is a very complete delay audio processor. CV on all parameters, which provides dynamic access to its controls with millisecond delay times.
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    2hp Freez is a voltage controlled looper, which captures pieces of audio, then destroy them at your whim, creating sounds and textures that will drive you crazy.

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