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Mutable Instruments, one of the best brands in the market that offers a great variety of high-quality modules that you can not miss in your collection!

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    Double gate, with a simple and effective way to modify and transform a patch. The module has two sections that direct a trip signal or gate to any of its outputs.
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    Ears is the Mutable Instruments version of the Mikrophonie module: a contact microphone and amplifier.Organic and physical sounds can be created by scratching, touching and collecting any type of sound waves, including speaker feedback.
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    Elements combine a great synthesis section, generating raw and noisy sounds, (filtered friction noise)(granular noise controlled by tone) (stick, mallet, hammer or brush sample). One of the best modules that you want in your eurorack!
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    Take the user interface of an intergalactic sequencer, a good dose of extraterrestrial learning and graphics algorithms, megabytes of battery loops, hours of mathematical calculations and you will get a unique battery pattern generator.
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    Kinks has 3 sections of analog signal processing to punish your audio and CV signals.
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    Marbles is a source of random gate and voltages, which offers controlled chaos in all the different types of randomness it performs.
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    Macro-Oscillator with 16 sound algorithms and 2 simultaneous outputs. Successor of the best-selling voltage-controlled sound source from Mutable Instruments, Braids.
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    There are 3 filter modes available: 2-pole bandpass, 2-pole low pass and 4-pole low pass.
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    Veils provide four VCA with an adjustable response curve. The Veils outputs are connected in a chain, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3 or 4 channels to mix with each other.

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