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2hp is one of the smallest widths in a Eurorack. Designs with the great quality that will save you a lot of space.

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    The ADSR module for Eurorack is a four-stage linear enclosure, excellent for modulating filters, VACs and oscillators.
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    Arp is an arpeggiator controlled by the gate, with a variety of playback modes that allow you to sequence in any way you can imagine.
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    2hp Delay is a very complete delay audio processor. CV on all parameters, which provides dynamic access to its controls with millisecond delay times.
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    2hp Freez is a voltage controlled looper, which captures pieces of audio, then destroy them at your whim, creating sounds and textures that will drive you crazy.
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    Low frequency oscillator controlled by voltage. With 8 waveforms that allow complex and unique patterns in its style.
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    2 hp Mult is a signal splitter with 2 inputs and 6 outputs that allows the user to divide an input signal in six ways.
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    Analog sample and Hold that is maintained with two independent channels. Ideal for generating random voltages from white noise, sawtooth wave arpeggios, and low-resolution sampling audio signals.
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    The VCO 2hp voltage controlled oscillator is an analog VCO modular synthesizer based on the fantastic Curtis CEM3340 IC.
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    Vowel is a speech synthesis oscillator and formant. Synthesize and approximate the human voice allowing a multitude of sounds that speak!

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